PROJECT N°1 : Recording

100% Mendelssohn
OCNE-projet 1
Nouvelle Europe chamber orchestra
Direction Nicolas KRAUZE
Alena BAEVA , violin

The recording will take place in the Théâtre de Poissy renowned for its acoustic and its incomparable sonority.

Programme : 
• Midsummer Night’s Dream (opening)
• Violin concerto in E minor
• Symphony n4 «Italian»

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PROJECT N°2 : China Tour

OCNE-projet 2

For the second year the orchestra will perform in China. An 11 concerts tour in the biggest venues of Beijing to DonGuang. 25000 spectators expected !

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PROJECT N°3 : Season and summer tour

OCNE-projet 3

The season promises to be rich with 20 concerts in France and in summer tours. Your engagement with us is precious. Be our ambassador and support excellence.

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